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We’ve introduced some great new enhancements this year that enable you to deliver an even more streamlined service.

Introducing Flexi Isa

We're really excited to let you know our Isa is now flexible, which means your clients can enjoy more freedom with their tax-free savings. This means your clients can withdraw and replace funds in the same tax year, without affecting subscriptions.

What's even better is that this flexibility applies to new and existing Isa accounts.

Remember, replacing a withdrawal doesn’t require a signed declaration either. The platform will automatically recognise when an Isa has had a withdrawal in the tax year (called replaceable allowance) and allow payments to be made up to this amount without a new Isa declaration.

You can find out how much your client can pay back into their Isa in the tax year by downloading the 'Isa/Jisa contributions' report from the platform reports tab. Within the report, a new column named 'Replaceable Withdrawals' will display the value that can be topped back up, as long as the cash is paid to us before the tax year end cut-off.

Clients with Isas will also be able to view their Replaceable Withdrawal Allowance within Nucleus Go.

New streamlined process for ad-hoc fees

You can now request an ad-hoc fee for a client account without asking the client to sign a form. Instead, you can simply process the request yourself. Your client will then be sent confirmation of the fee payment.

Making Isa top-ups easier

We no longer need clients to sign an additional declaration if there’s been a break in Isa subscriptions between tax years. Instead, you’ll be able to send it on their behalf. (The top-up preventor message will still appear, but you can just send the declaration without the client having to sign it.)

Speeding up the pension crystallisation process

Clients can now access their pension benefits sooner as we no longer need clients to sign crystallisation forms; you can now sign these on their behalf.

Increased flexibility for phased and ad-hoc drawdown requests

Clients with a phased account in place who’d like to take an ad-hoc payment no longer need to have a separate drawdown account. Both phased and ad-hoc income instructions can be requested on one account, making client reporting much simpler.

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